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logo2x“breatheHR is a key offering within our UK and International HR service.”

upload_25_6_2015_at_16_46_09“breatheHR helps us work seamlessly with our clients”


“Firstly and most importantly our clients love the breatheHR system.

I have found the breatheHR team to be professional, friendly and helpful. I’m looking forward to a long and successful relationship with them.”

Peter Ravenscroft – Director of Technology

HJS Solutions

“Working in partnership with breatheHR enables us to give a high quality service to our clients, providing them with an easy-to-use yet comprehensive HR system that supports their businesses and makes managing staff a breeze.”

Dan Jenkins – Managing Director

“breatheHR has literally brought a breath of fresh air to the way we interact with our clients.  The team have been extremely supportive from the word ‘go’ and always respond quickly to any queries.

Our own clients love the software and are as excited as we are with the new developments – seeing the difference it makes to their HR activities.  From a commercial perspective, breatheHR continues to be a fantastic selling point for our HR services, offering clients more bang for their bucks than other similar systems.”

Dianne Lambdin


“OMS use this software ourselves, as well as recommend it to all of clients.
The benefits of the system are immeasurable and have allowed us to provide the full HR service to our clients, in a cost-effective, user-friendly way.”


“The focus of our business is providing great service, advice and support to our clients to they can build better and more profitable businesses. Our partnership with breatheHR enables us to provide all the services of an internal HR Department such as from employee record keeping, documentation management, holiday scheduling and much more in a secure and easy to use environment.”

“We are partnered with leading HR software provider, breatheHR, to combine our services with an intuitive HR system which is ideal for SMEs. BreatheHR can automate all of those time consuming HR admin tasks, freeing up more time to help you develop your business.”

Crispin Rhodes breatheHR partner logo
” I can’t be with my clients every single day, so having
a system like breatheHR makes it so much easier to
remain in touch with my clients and know exactly
what is going on at the click of a button”
Stuart Falconer

Catherine Kane logo
” They help us breathe fresh HR!
Recognising Amara’s Law*, we sourced a technology partner who supported our vision, functionality, at the right price, and we found that Partner in breatheHR. The icloud based software offers all the tools we need to enable us to become a virtual HR department for our clients. Amara’s Law- We tend to over estimate the effect of a technology in the short run and under estimate the effect in the long run. ”

“I have been working with the breatheHR team since January 2016. I am very passionate about the breatheHR product and since implementing this with many of my clients, they can see the benefit of the system in terms of cost savings, ease of use and accessible data. I have been thoroughly supported every step of the way by Louise Horder and her team and look forward to introducing the breatheHR system to many more small businesses in the future.”

HR Revolution HR Software Partner
“We hunted high and low for a solution that would really work with our revolutionary approach to HR and we found it in breatheHR and definite breath of fresh air. The proof, if you need it, is that we love it, our clients love it and their employees love it! A great partner with a team that we hope to continue to develop with over the next year.”

upload_4_1_2016_at_13_03_12“We have always found excellent support from breatheHR.  It is a highly intuitive and useful tool for any size business however there are always some questions and the team at breatheHR are always on hand to answer and provide a free/comprehensive demonstration if required.”

julie-kelly-hr-software-partner-1 (1)
“The cloud based software offers all the tools we need to enable us to become a virtual HR department regardless of where the client is based. breatheHR provides our clients with an easy to use, and easy to understand, system that enables them to have all their staff files at their fingertips regardless of what time it is or where they are. However it is much more than that. breatheHR is a management system that takes the stress out of managing their HR administration.”

ga-human-resources-breathe-hr-partner (1)
“Centric Logic chose to partner with breatheHR because they provided a ‘cloud’ based system that was simple to implement and simple to use.

breatheHR helps us achieve our objective in helping our clients improve the way they operate, innovate and grow, reduce costs, manage risks and change the way they do business.”

purple-human-resources-breathe-hr-partner (1)
“breatheHR perfectly compliments our fully outsourced HR service – it provides innovative technology to ensure we focus of providing a first class HR service and allow businesses to focus on their business.”

RSM logo software testimonial
“breatheHR is a key offering within our UK and International HR service. Its functionality compliments our client base, allowing us to deliver proactive HR support within real-time, at a realistic cost.”

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“breatheHR really enhances the support offered by GFHR, by enabling us to respond with the same agility and speed as an ‘in house’ HR department. The system allows us to assist our clients more efficiently, by reacting in real time with accurate and up to date information. What’s more, the system is so user friendly that my clients love it. It allows them to manage their administration more effectively, freeing up time to work with their people rather than getting caught up in paperwork. It’s great to know that the breatheHR team is always on hand to help and advise whenever we need them. They’re also constantly looking to improve the system so I know my clients are getting the very best. “

cluer hr logo software testimonial
“breatheHR allows us to give our clients a full HR solution which dovetails perfectly with the services we provide.”

charterhouse_hr_software_partner-1 (1)
“Without fail everyone is impressed with the product. [breathehr] are an excellent service provider, and are highly tuned to the needs of the HR professional as well as the workings of the entire business. They understand the requirements for simplicity and ease of use in software, and their excellent client care make them great people to work with.”

ga-human-resources-breathe-hr-partner (1)
“I spent sometime researching the technology available and found breathHR offered the best solution to meet the needs of my clients. The functions of breathHR are extensive and most importantly, very user friendly and good value for money.”

“Crispin Rhodes are delighted to be in partnership with breatheHR enabling us to offer this superb product to our clients. We have been given prompt and efficient support whenever we have needed it and have confidence that if we have any queries, they will be answered quickly. The product has proved to be very popular making significant improvements for our clients and making it easy for us to advise them knowing we have the most up to date information to hand. It is a pleasure working with breatheHR and we look forward to a long and successful partnership with them in the future.”

my-hr-department-hr-software-testimonial (1)
“We’ve spent a year researching HR systems for SME businesses and have undertaken trials with our client base with various other suppliers. Our clients want simplicity, ease of use, and an attractive intuitive operating platform, and most of all the holiday and absence side of things have to work well.

breatheHR is the complete package in this regard and the team are excellent to work with (for us, and our clients.) We see this as a long term relationship and have no hesitation in recommending breatheHR.”

THR consulting testimonial on hr software
“Our clients benefit from accessing a system which they know is secure but intuitive and accessible; which really helps them manage their employee information including holiday request and sickness records. Having all this centrally held, in a professional system which is very cost effective for small businesses is a major bonus.

The team and breatheHR are great – always willing to help us with our clients’ needs and are able to point us in the right direction whenever we have any questions.”

ga-human-resources-breathe-hr-partner (1)
“We chose to partner with breatheHR so that we can help our customers save valuable administration time and help them to manage their staff more efficiently.”

“breatheHR is very popular with our clients. It’s ease of use and wide range of functionality make it a very easy commercial decision to make.”

peach hr testimonial on breatheHR (1)
“breatheHR enables us to provide our client’s with an extra added value service and the product really assists them as they continue to grow.”

breathehr partners

“I spent time reviewing and researching a significant number of HRIS providers which were specifically targeted at small and medium sized businesses. My criteria was to find an established and innovative HRIS partner with a strong and user-friendly HR system that I could recommend to my client base to add value to the management of their employees in terms of automating holiday and sickness and storing a range of employee information in a secure and easily accessible format. breatheHR outperformed the competition in all areas and has continued to add value to my client’s operations. On a personal note, I have enjoyed working with the breatheHR team and contributing to the on-going development of this product.”

hr-software-partner-flb-accountants (1)
“As well as providing an excellent easy to use product we have found BreatheHR to be a very helpful partner with excellent support. As a firm running multiple payrolls we make extensive use of BreatheHR’s export function to provide a seamless integration to our payroll, ensuring that our clients only have to maintain one database which reduces errors and saves time.”

our hr dept logo for testimonial copy (2)
“breathHR has provided me with great tools which have helped increase my credibility with my clients. Through breathHR, I am able to offer my clients high quality HR support and tools at an affordable cost.

They also provide great technical support so you don’t feel alone when trying to work with clients who need that little bit of extra support in the early days of their set up”

ELYSIUM HR software testimonial small
“Our clients have embraced and are delighted with the ease of the breatheHR portal together with the functions available to help them through the HR/Employment Law minefield. As a partner we feels breatheHR strengthens the service we offer to ensure we give a first class, cost effective and efficient service.”

HR Star logo testimonial of breatheHR (1)
“breatheHR is a great tool and provides so much more than just recording employee records. I love that you can link training plans to objectives, run reports and import and export information so easily.
breathe enables HR Star and it’s clients to streamline processes, ensure employee records are always up to date and does the admin work for us enabling us to spend time on moving business forward.”

magenta HR software testimonial
“On behalf of our clients we were searching for simple and cost effective HR software that suited the needs of SME’s. breatheHR fitted perfectly with our requirements and has transformed the way in which our clients work and how we can support them. The system can be up and running quickly and its flexibility means it can accommodate all our clients’ needs. Service from the breatheHR team is excellent and introducing the software has really enhanced our service offering.”

simplify er human software testimonial
“breatheHR has become an integral tool for our business. As an advisory consultancy, it creates great transparency for us to be able to see what is happening within our clients’ workforce, and to be able to identify issues or areas of improvements before they get out of hand. For our clients, breatheHR is invaluable, as it creates great efficiency within their business, promotes a fantastic openness, and really brings to life the the concept of Employee engagement, by allowing employees to take responsibility for their own basic HR related queries.”

The HR point logo testimonial
“breatheHR allows us to offer our clients a more inclusive service and allows us to have access to their records to enable us to provide the highest quality and personal service we can.  breatheHR allows our clients to ensure they have accurate HR records they can access from anywhere.”

Blick Rothenberg HR software testimonial
“We use BreatheHR as part of our HR function that we supply for our clients. Our clients have been happy with the BreatheHR database finding it simple to use and good for their staffing needs. As the provider of BreatheHR for our clients, we have found that when an issue arises the support staff are very helpful and willing to answer any questions we may have.”

Hummingbird HR logo testimonial
“At Hummingbird HR we encourage a proactive approach to people management and development and Breathe HR software has proved to be a positive benefit in this respect. It enables our clients and us to foresee and manage issues, plan for employee development and has cost effective benefits in terms of HR administration.”

harris law logo hr testimonial
“breathe HR allows us to oversee all of our clients day to day HR and provides a way that we can communicate and interact with users at all levels from business owners to managers to support staff. Our clients love it because on the one hand it provides that all important paper trail lowering the risk of costly tribunal claims whilst on the other helps with performance management which ultimately improves staff engagement thereby adding value to their business.”

ga-human-resources-breathe-hr-partner (1)
“Lots of small businesses find HR admin a chore and struggle to establish simple but effective processes. BreatheHR not only allows me to present a cost effective solution to current and potential clients, but it is also a way of keeping in touch and adding value. The first client I introduced to breatheHR has told me that it has been worthwhile just for managing holidays, if nothing else!”

run your business online logo testimonial
“breatheHR allows us to offer a great solution to SME’s who want HR capabilities without the great expense of outsourcing or recruiting HR personnel. It allows our clients to keep track of employee’s personal information, holidays, training and evaluations.”

ga-human-resources-breathe-hr-partner (1)
“breatheHR not only have a good system their back up support is excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other HR professionals.”

ga-human-resources-breathe-hr-partner (1)
“breatheHR has transformed the services we offer our clients by empowering individual employees to manage their annual leave. They provide a support service that is effective and more importantly proactive. The system provides accurate real time information and allows us to concentrate on providing the HR service our clients require.”

Blue_Matrix_(982x982) “breatheHR is the centre of our HR solution for our clients, simply because it’s the best cloud based HR solution out there for small to medium sized businesses. From its interface and functionality, to the people that support it, we highly recommend breatheHR.”

“Simple, easy to use system and amazing support! Thank you to everyone at breatheHR for making our clients HR so easy and stress-free.”


“breatheHR has helped my clients with objective setting, allowing the employee and manager to update them in their one to one meetings.  Also they provide a clear, easy to use self service system that has transformed my clients work load.”