What our customers say

“We have chosen to use breatheHR as this is easy to use and covers all aspects of HR. We have managed to set up the system without assistance and are looking forward to seeing the benefits of this!”

Michaela Fountain


“Today we rolled out breatheHR to our growing staff numbers. It’s a great system; simple to use and packed with features.“

Andrew Candler


“breatheHR was easy to set up and manage, and my staff love it! It has revolutionised us and freed up a couple of filing cabinets!“

Stuart Wallis


“We’ve been using breatheHR for a year and we’re really impressed with the simplicity of the product. This is backed up by a great support team who are always on hand to help me with any questions.“

Marc Gumbrill


“I would wholeheartedly recommend breatheHR to any business looking to embrace technology, improve administration and empower their people. I already have. After all, our people are our best asset!“

Grace Chatten



“breatheHR has completely transformed the way we organise our HR functions. Our staff find it really easy to use and as a Manager I love the fact that everything I need is in the one place – absence records, leave requests, staff contact details, policies and procedures – the list is endless. We also appreciate the support and training received from the breatheHR team. I wouldn’t be without it!”

Anne Moodie

“My 24/7 HR partner, always at my side to back me up in any meeting! With just a couple of clicks I have the answer to a myriad of questions that are likely to be posed about any one of my staff; information which I couldn’t hope to regurgitate from memory and, as my huge filling cabinet full of personnel files isn’t very mobile, breatheHR is there for me, every day, every meeting, whatever I need to know, at the click of a couple of buttons. Just Brilliant!”

Emma Comben

“The user-friendly nature of the site has made the transition smooth and we now almost can’t remember what life was like before breatheHR. I would warmly recommend it to anyone wanting an easier life. Using breatheHR saves us so much time.”

Sofie Franzen

“I love the structure breatheHR brings to HR admin – no more random papers or employees having to complete forms. Employees also love the look and feel of breatheHR. I have rolled out in last two roles and both times created great kudos within teams!”

Judith Ball

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“breatheHR gives us one central source to capture all HR data so when I need some information I only have one place to look. breatheHR is also great at automating our holiday booking.”

Julian Simpson

“breatheHR stands out from the crowd both for its simplicity for our users and its responsive support for our current and future business and HR needs.”

Rachel Co

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