API System Integration

Streamline Systems & Simplify Everything

The perfect solution for syncing data, generating unique reports, and special workflows. Say hello to a whole new way to share information across your favourite platforms with breatheHR’s developer API. Thanks to our detailed, interactive documentation and open API, you can quickly say goodbye to the days when you had to manually input data into multiple systems— and all those hours wasted that you could have better spent managing your people.

Keep Using the Systems You Love

Save Time. Streamline and Consolidate Data.


From the calendar on your phone to your company’s payroll system, you can instantly streamline data between breatheHR and your favourite applications. Integrating breatheHR with your existing systems will immediately save you time and give you the reassurance that your data is accurate.

Simple System Integration

Open API. Easy to Use.


By enabling you to share your employee information and HR data between systems with ease and efficiency, breatheHR is determined to give you the best of everything. With an open API that allows you to connect systems— even with systems your company has custom built— breatheHR has created a platform that is straight-forward and easy to implement.

Sandbox and Production Access

Safe Testing. Key Sensitive. Different Domains.


With a sandbox environment, developers are safe to play about and test out their API consuming code. Using different access keys and domains for the production and sandbox environments, you are safeguarded against accidentally using the wrong environment.

Develop Custom Applications

Get creative. Build something new.


If you have the developer know-how to create something fabulous, then our API will grant you the integration access you need to turn your idea into a reality. Simplify and enhance processes for your own company, or get in touch with us so that breatheHR can enhance user experience for all our clients.

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