HR Task Management

breatheHR gives you the tools to delegate and keep track of your tasks

Ever found yourself trying to remember if you finished all your tasks or completely forgetting to do something? To save you from the self-doubt and having to retrace your footsteps, breatheHR gives you ultimate control over all your to-dos. By enabling you to delegate tasks with employee self-service and an unlimited number of managers, breatheHR puts you in control of your workflow. Our manager and HR dashboard clearly displays pending tasks and important notifications like upcoming birthdays, one-to-ones, and employee leave. The system also sends out emails to appropriate managers when a new task has been generated and sends gentle reminder emails. With everything at your fingertips, staying organised has never felt so easy and efficient.

Self-Service & Permissions

Delegate tasks. Get things done.


HR administrative tasks can be time consuming, but with breatheHR, they don’t have to be. Our HR system enables you to delegate specific tasks to some or all of your employees and to create manager workflows— complete with manager dashboards that look just like the HR dashboard. User permissions allow you to either grant or limit access to specific features and workflows, and were created to put you in control of how you and your employees use the system.

HR & Manager Dashboard

Key reminders. Important notifications.


On our HR and Manager Dashboard, managers can see all the tasks that need their attention and any advanced notifications about upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, training, leave and one-to-ones. Then with just the flick of a tab, My Dashboard appears, because at the end of the day, you and your managers are more than task approvers— you are employees too.

Finance User Permissions

Grant advanced user access.


Keep your finance access in check by dictating who can access the information. By setting finance access to specific employees, line managers, and HR users, the finance access will either prevent HR users from seeing finance or give specific employees and line managers access to finance information.

Email Notifications & Reminders

Prompt action. Improve efficiency.


When a new task is added to the system, breatheHR sends an email to the appropriate manager or HR user to let that person know their attention is required. We also understand that life gets in the way sometimes, so if you or your managers miss a task, breatheHR will send a gentle nudge every Monday morning of any pending tasks. We call it our weekly digest, and it is the perfect reminder to get you back on track.

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