HR Document Management

breatheHR has a place for every HR policy and employee document

With no limit on the number of company or employee documents you can store in the system, breatheHR quickly becomes the central hub for secure HR documentation storage. breatheHR makes it quick and easy to organise and share documents with the whole company or privately with individual employees. Our HR software also tracks who has read documents, and makes sending reminder requests a one click process. Employee specific documents can also be privately stored on the system so that you can go completely digital with your HR admin knowing their information is secure. Our employee management system makes storing your employee documentation painless!

Employee Document Management

Secure. Organised. Accessible.

It is safe and easy to store and access employee documents within breatheHR. Since you can store everything from ID documents, pay, education and grievances to contracts, gone are the days of unorganised and bulging employee manila folders.

Company Document Library

Share. Inform. Stay up-to-date.

Using the company documents library, sharing company policies and procedures with employees has never been easier. By enabling you to share documents company wide or with only specific individuals, breatheHR gives you the reassurance that new and existing employees are always up-to-date.

Document Tracking

Be informed. Send Reminders.

breatheHR makes it easy to track who has read a document. If a document is added to the library or has been updated, a few simple clicks will notify the employees you need to read the documentation. Once an employee has reviewed the document, the system will show you who has and who has not read the document. For those who did not get around to reading the document, reminder emails can be sent with the press of a button.

Personalised documents.

Be smart with your communication

Our mail merge feature will allow you to create and send customised documents to an individual or bulk audience within your company, making communication in your business super easy. The mail merge process allows you to include custom content from breatheHR to allow you to tailor your standard HR documents and make them applicable to the audience you’re sending them to.

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