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The days of wading through spreadsheets and filing cabinets are over. By providing employee self-service at every price level, breatheHR simplifies the time-consuming HR processes that hold back growth. With organised employee profiles that safely store employee information and documents, employee dashboards that keep your staff informed and make self-service easy, and a staff directory to keep everyone connected, breatheHR is the way forward for skyrocketing performance. Because breatheHR works on any device and is a secure web-based system, breatheHR is always just a fingertips reach away.

Employee Profile

Simple. Accessible. Secure


Gathering employee information, documents, performance reviews, and absences in one place simplifies the most tedious of HR administrative tasks. By giving you a straightforward overview of employees and designated fields employees or managers can update, breatheHR helps you shift your focus from paperwork back to people.

Employee Dashboard

Sleek. User-friendly.


Rolling out breatheHR for employee access based on individual company needs, our HR system opens up a whole new dynamic to HR management. The dashboard provides an interface where employees can see their holiday allowance, request leave, stay up-to-date on company news and documents, create deliverables to meet objectives, claim expenses, log overtime, and so much more.

Employee Documents

Easily accessible. Privacy and sharing settings.


Have policies and procedures you need employees to read? Upload them quickly into breatheHR and keep track of who’s read them. Our cloud HR software also safely stores employee documents in one place—whether it’s a contract, job description, pay and bonuses, grievances, education, or ID documentation.

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Org Chart

Simple staff overview.


Our simple org chart creates a clear visual depiction of the employees in your company. It uses your company data to display the hierarchy of your business. For additional org chart capabilities, take a look at our integration with OrgChart Now.

Employee Directory

Stay connected. Boost communication.


The company directory provides a quick and easy way to make calls, send emails and connect with fellow employees within a professional atmosphere on platforms like Linkedin. By providing employees’ business contact details, breatheHR helps teams contact and collaborate.

Employee Reports

Spot trends. Share information.


breatheHR includes a host of clever reports so you can easily share HR information with your management team.

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