Integrate with InstantATS

Streamline your recruitment process

To help you find and hire the best talent, breatheHR has integrated with InstantATS. InstantATS is a product developed by EasyWeb Recruitment and all breatheHR users will receive a 50% off discount. The recruitment system will enable you to easily manage and streamline your recruitment process as well as import new hires directly into breatheHR.

Manage Vacancies and Applicants

Simple job posting. Intuitive hiring.

InstantATS is a flexible system that enables you to manage vacancies and applicants from one central location. Quickly create vacancies within InstantATS and share to job boards, as well as your website’s career page and social media. Once an applicant applies for a position, they are automatically added into InstantATS for you to shortlist. Whenever you hire an applicant, the breatheHR API allows you to add them into breatheHR.

Publish and Share Vacancy

Post to job boards, career page & social media.

You can easily add vacancies to your company career page and job boards, as well as share the job posting on social media. When applicants fill out their information and upload their CVs, the information is automatically generated into InstantATS for you to review.

Candidate Selection

Star ratings. Easy status progress.


With just a click of a button, you can change an applicant’s status for easy tracking through the recruitment process. To help you identify the best talent, your recruitment team can attribute a star rating to a candidate and the system will generate an average.

Streamline Communication

Add notes. Email Candidates.


Save quick comments about a candidate’s CV or interview using the activity log. Call and send emails to individual applicants or send automated rejection emails when applicant status is changed to rejected.

 Discover the full power of InstantATS

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